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Our Story


Redefined for Her evolved from years of caring, advocating and empowering women as they experience life’s seasons of joy and sorrow.  We have witnessed their desire to maintain and improve their quality of life, and have provided resources to help in the achievement of those goals.  It is well known that life progresses through various stages.  Within each stage we refine and “redefine” our place in the world.  Redefined for Her is here to support each woman’s journey toward that wholesome goal.

Our Vision 

Redefined For Her  is our vision of what healthcare for women should be.

Redefined is for redefining comprehensive care, redefining the highest quality care, redefining compassionate care.

For Her  is for each unique woman.

For Her is for our unique providers

For Her is for you.

Redefined for Her is where we redefine excellence. 

Swimming in Calm Sea
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